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Explore inspiring talks, coaching tips, and discussions on personal and spiritual growth. Featuring interviews with athletes, coaches, and experts.

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Experience the excitement of basketball training, the camaraderie of our teams, and motivational content that fuels both your passion for the game and personal growth.

Athlete Spotlight

Discover inspiring stories of our athletes in the Hoop Blessings Athlete Spotlight. Celebrate their achievements, dedication, and impact on and off the court.

Podcast Highlights

Explore inspiring talks, coaching tips, and discussions on personal and spiritual growth. Featuring interviews with athletes, coaches, and experts.

Empowering Athletes Beyond the Game

Welcome to Hoop Blessings, where basketball transcends the game; It’s a mentor, a life teacher, and a spiritual journey. We blend rigorous training with life skills and leadership development, to instill values that resonate beyond the court. Our program is designed to empower the next generation of athletes and leaders.

Join Our Transformative Journey and be part of a community where every dribble and shot is a step toward personal and athletic excellence. Discover how Hoop Blessings can elevate your potential.


Club Team Experience

Elevate your skills with our premier club teams. Enjoy top-notch coaching, face off against elite competitors, and experience a comprehensive, year-round basketball adventure.

Moments On & Off The Court

Explore moments of triumph and teamwork in a curated selection of photos that capture the essence of Hoop Blessings.

What We Offer

Dive into programs that blend basketball training with personal growth at Hoop Blessings. We’re dedicated to nurturing not just the athletic talents but also the character of young athletes

Youth Programs

Enhance your game with our youth-focused basketball training. Tailored for young athletes to build skills and enjoy the game.

Private Training

Personalize your progress with one-on-one coaching. Ideal for focused skill enhancement and individualized strategy development.

Camps & Clinics

Expert-led, focused skill development and game strategy training in a dynamic group setting for all skill levels.

Specialty Classes

Specialized training focusing on specific skills and techniques, tailored for targeted improvement and advanced learning.

AAU Basketball

Join our competitive basketball development for boys and girls in grades 2nd-12th, fostering skills and teamwork.

Birthday Workouts

Celebrate with a unique basketball workout! Fun, engaging, and tailored for all skill levels, perfect for making birthdays special and active.

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Meet Our Coaches & Mentors

Meet our passionate coaches and mentors at Hoop Blessings, each bringing a wealth of experience in basketball and youth development.

Coach & Mentor

David Sledge

Coach & Mentor

David Monroe

Founder & Director

Sade Wiley-Gatewood

Latest News/Events

Discover the latest events, success stories, and community impact at Hoop Blessings, highlighting our dynamic influence on youth basketball and community engagement.