Guided growth through basketball mentorship with experienced mentors. Navigate both the game and life's challenges with expert guidance.

Life Skills

We equip young athletes with essential skills for success beyond the basketball court.

Leadership Development

Cultivating leaders who inspire, motivate, and drive their teams to victory.

Basketball Ministry

Fusing faith and sport, our ministry nurtures spiritual growth alongside athletic prowess.

From the Heart of Our Founder!

Basketball is more than just a game to us at Hoop Blessings; it’s a life teacher, a mentor, and a spiritual journey. Through every dribble and shot, we aim to instill values that go beyond the court. Our basketball mentorship program is about nurturing life skills, fostering leadership, and sharing the profound lessons that the game brings. Join us in this transformative journey, and let’s empower the next generation together.

Love & Blessings,

Coach Sa’de Wiley-Gatewood walking with determination, representing her commitment to the Hoop Blessings basketball mentorship program.

Boys & Girls Basketball: Building Future Leaders

Join our basketball teams tailored for boys and girls. Harness potential, master the game, and grow in a community that values talent and teamwork.

Captured Moments

Dive into our visual journey. Discover the passion, camaraderie, and transformative experiences that define Hoop Blessings.

Basketball Mentorship Programs

Empowering Through Basketball

At Hoop Blessings, we believe in more than just the game. Through our holistic services, we shape players into leaders, foster resilience, and instill values that transcend the court.

Basketball Training Modules:

Enhance your skills with our training modules, from basic drills to advanced plays, guided by our expert coaches.

Team Participation

Join our Youth or Elite basketball teams. Showcase talent, build teamwork, and embody our spiritual values.

Individual Training:

From private sessions to virtual classes, our diverse training caters to all skill levels and schedules, ensuring personalized growth and challenge.


Tournaments & Competitions:

Compete in Hoop Blessings tournaments or represent in external events. Experience the thrill and joy of basketball competition.

Camps & Events:

Our basketball ministry is a unique blend of spiritual growth and sportsmanship, teaching values that last a lifetime.

Spiritual Growth & Personal Development:

Beyond basketball, we offer faith workshops, mentorship, and community projects. At Hoop Blessings, we nurture both the athlete and the soul.

Over 4 Years

#1 Basketball Mentorship Program

Two Hoop Blessings basketball players posing together.

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Meet the Mentors

Our mentors are the heartbeat of Hoop Blessings, blending basketball expertise with life guidance.

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 Dive into our latest posts, where we share stories from the court, mentorship highlights, and valuable life lessons. Join our journey as we champion growth and leadership through basketball.