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Hoop Blessings family has dedicated ourselves comprehensively to the well-being and success of all student-athletes in academics and athletics. We believe if one is willing to work hard and is dedicated to success in the classroom as well as on the court they will ultimately be rewarded.

The ultimate goal for our student-athletes is to build their skill set in both studying and athletic training to put them in a fortuitous position to have the grades and athletic capabilities to garner recognition and be recruited by top coaches across the country as scholarship collegiate athletes.

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We can teach, while we train. We can coach, while having fun. We can love them unconditionally, and give them every chance to succeed in life on, and off the court. We can Empower Educated Student-Athletes!

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We empower our athletes with training on and off the court, to give them a competitive edge both on the court and in the ever-important mental aspects of the game. We believe in both positive reinforcement and also instituting demanding standards and holding our athletes accountable to meeting these standards. Sports should reinforce life skills, and basketball is a sport that does just that.

We maintain integrity in every aspect of our training, and promise to uplift and reinforce our student athlete in the process of setting a high bar for them to aspire to. Winning is great, but we place a premium on character and development of the student athlete as a complete person and student before success on a basketball court, as this is where they will need the most discipline and structure for a majority of their lives.









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