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One on one


Private training sessions are personalized sessions that are tailored to the player’s needs on the court. This is the fastest way for players to enhance their basketball skills outside of school practice, AAU practice and other team practices. This is an ideal option for student athletes who want to work on specific skills, repetitions, higher intensity, proper techniques and drills to help improve their overall skill set.

You can purchase single sessions or as prepaid package deals. You can request your personal trainer and preferred schedule. 

Private Training Programs are scheduled for 55 minutes. 


Training Package Deals

Find the training package offered by Hoop Blessings that fits the needs of your student athlete. Sign up today so your player can begin training and honing their skills.

1 Sessions
$55$55.00 per session


4 Sessions
$200$50.00 per session
8 Sessions
$360$45.00 per session