Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Embarking on a basketball mentorship journey? We understand you might have questions. Here, at Hoop Blessings, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked queries. Dive in, and if you need more info, reach out to us!

General Information:

What is Hoop Blessings (HB)?

Hoop Blessings is more than just a basketball training program; we merge athletic training with youth mentorship, emphasizing holistic growth, both on and off the court.

Who founded Hoop Blessings?

Hoop Blessings was founded by Coach Sade Wiley-Gatewood. With a passion for basketball and youth development, Coach Sade envisioned an organization that goes beyond just the game, focusing on holistic growth and mentorship. Under her guidance, Hoop Blessings has grown into a beacon of hope and inspiration for many young athletes.

Programs and Offerings:

What do your clinics offer?

Our basketball clinics are 1-3 hour events that typically emphasize a specific skill or skill set, such as shooting, offensive moves, or dribble skills. These sessions offer focused training on both basic and advanced techniques. While we hone individual talents, we also stress teamwork, game strategy, character, and sportsmanship. With seasoned coaches at the helm, our goal is each player's growth and an enriching clinic experience. Click here for upcoming clinics near you

What do your camps offer?

Team and Competition:

Do you have boy's teams?

Yes, we offer teams for boys across various age groups, ensuring dedicated training and competitive opportunities for all young male athletes passionate about basketball.

Are club teams competitive?

Yes, our club teams are highly competitive. They participate in regional and national tournaments, facing top-tier teams. Our focus is on developing players' skills, teamwork, and game strategy to compete at the highest levels. Our experienced coaches and rigorous training ensure our teams are well-prepared for challenges on the court.

Do club teams travel?

Most of our elementary and middle school club teams play local events and travel minimally, usually only to nearby cities. However, our high school teams travel more extensively, especially for recruitment or competitive matches. This can sometimes involve hotel stays or even plane flights. We always prioritize the safety and convenience of our players and communicate travel details well in advance.

Registration and Membership:

How do I join a club team?

To join a club team, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our 'Teams' section on the website.
  2. Choose the appropriate age group and gender.
  3. Review the team details and requirements.
  4. Complete the online registration form.
  5. Attend the scheduled tryouts.
  6. Await team placement notifications.
  7. If selected, finalize any paperwork and fees.

We look forward to having you on board!"

Are there membership fees?

What's the registration process?

Facilities and Locations:

Do you have your own facility?

No, currently Hoop Blessings (HB) does not have its own dedicated facility. We partner with local schools, gyms, and community centers to conduct our training sessions, clinics, and events. This approach allows us to remain accessible and offer our programs in various locations. However, we're always looking towards the future and exploring opportunities to have a space of our own to better serve our community.

Where are your training sessions held?

Our training sessions are conducted at various events and sessions at different venues. Stay updated on our Events page for more info!

How can I find a clinic or camp near me?

Safety and Guidelines:

What safety precautions do you have in place?

How do you handle injuries during sessions?

In case of any injury, our trained staff administer first aid immediately. For severe injuries, emergency services are called, and parents/guardians are notified right away. We have a detailed emergency protocol in place, prioritizing the well-being of our athletes.

Recruitment and Career:

Does Hoop Blessings assist with college recruiting?

Yes, Hoop Blessings (HB) actively assists with college recruiting. We understand the importance of progressing to the collegiate level, both athletically and academically. Our team works closely with athletes to showcase their skills, connect with college coaches, and provide guidance throughout the recruitment process. Our extensive network and knowledge of the college basketball landscape make us well-equipped to support our players in achieving their collegiate aspirations.

Are there opportunities for scouting at your events?

Community and Values:

What is Hoop Blessings' philosophy?

How does Hoop Blessings engage with the community?

Beyond basketball, we engage actively with our community, organizing events, supporting local causes, and instilling the importance of community in our players.

Contact and Communication:

How can I get more information?

We're thrilled to hear that! For more detailed information, you can explore the different sections of our website, which cover our programs, philosophies, and upcoming events. If you have specific queries or need personalized assistance, please reach out via our 'Contact Us' page. Our team is always ready to assist and guide you further into the Hoop Blessings experience.

Whom should I contact for press or media inquiries?